Getting Started

Start by adding one of our bots to your Steam friends list.  [add bot]   [list of bots]

The bot isn't accepting my friend request. What do I do?

  1. Block the bot on steam.
  2. Go to your blocked users list and unblock the bot.
  3. Add the bot as a friend.
  4. The bot will usually accept in 15-30 minutes. If the bot doesn't add you within that time period you will have to wait for them to restart. (Could be 12-24 hours) Never accept a friend request that a bot sends you.

What is a bot?

A bot is a pretend person created by a computer program. In the case of Dota2Casino, our bots are pretending to be steam users. You can add them to your friends list just like you would any other steam user, chat with them, and even trade items. The bots not only allow you to play games via chat, they also act as a cashier exchanging items for credits. Additionally, they keep track of your balance and any items you've bought.

How do I communicate with the bots?

Once a bot is on your friends list, you can communicate with them by typing out commands in steam chat.

Purchasing Credits

You can purchase credits from any of the bots. First you need to invite the bot to trade. Alternatively, you may use the /trade command to be placed in the waiting list. This is useful if the bot is busy trading with someone else. Once in the trade window, the bot will list out the values of your items (keys will be worth x amount, rares will be worthy y amount, etc.) Add the items you wish to exchange for credits and click accept. Once the trade is finished, the bot will verify that the items have been recieved and fund your account appropriately.

The bot is accepting my trade and then crashing. What do I do?

If you have never traded with the bot before, it's most likely that your inventory is set to Private or Steam Users Only. You need to change your inveontory settings to public in order to trade with the bot. It can take up to 24 hours after you've changed your privacy settings for the changes to take effect. If this is not the issue, it is probably a problem related to Steam. You should simply try again later.

Using Credits To Play

Credits are automatically subtracted from your balance when you play a game or place a bet. Most games allow you to adjust how any credits you gamble on each play. If you don't have enough credits to play, you'll be alerted by the bot to restock.

Winning Credits

Credits are automatically added to your account when you win. The amount you win will be determined by the game as well as how much you decided to wager. Bigger wagers mean bigger payouts.

Spending Credits

You can spend your credits in the /shop. Currently you can buy random Keys, Rares, Uncommons, and Commons. Eventually you'll be able to buy Item Sets. Type /shop to open up the interface. Use the /buy comamand to buy items. (ex. /buy 50 common)

What happens to my credits if I or the bots go offline?

Credits are saved in real time as soon as you win or buy them. They are saved to a database file and are not affected by you or the bots going offline. When you or the bots come back online, your credits will still be there. The same goes for any prizes you have.

If I have credits on one bot, can I play or spend them on another?

Yes, you can play or spend your credits on any of the bots regardless of which bot gave you the credits. You can also collect your items from any of the bots, regardless of which bot you bought it from.


To use these, type them in chat.

Command Function Aliases
/help Displays basic commands.
/trade Puts you in line to trade with a bot.
/shop Opens the shop interface where you can purchase prizes
/buy [#] [rarity] Use to buy prizes.
/lucky9 Start playing Lucky 9. [Lucky 9 Commands] /l9 /luckynine
/blackjack Start playing Blackjack. [BlackJack Commands] /bj
/instantwin Play a round of InstantWin. /iwin
/doubleornothing 50% chance to double your credits /dbl/double

* Replace [#] with a number. (ex. 5)

* Replace [rarity] with Key, Rare, Uncommon, or Common.